Flashback Up in the Air with SpecInc

Lafayette, CO – April 2011 – Flashback Media Productions, a premier provider of award winning video since 1987, has produced a promotional video for SPEC, Inc. of Boulder.   SPEC creates and manufactures high end cloud particle and precipitation equipment for use around the world.   The company also operates a Learjet research aircraft and has participated in over 50 international research projects. 

Dr. Paul Lawson, Senior Scientist at SPEC, Inc. was delighted with the final project and said, “The video that Flashback produced highlighted SPEC’s unique airborne meteorological instrumentation and Learjet research aircraft. The final product was a highly professional video with unique footage of our instruments and the Learjet in flight. We have received several compliments on the video, which has increased our exposure to the scientific community. “

Bunnie Strassner, President of Flashback Media feels, “We love working on scientific projects and this one was particularly exciting.   Documenting sophisticated science like the work SPEC is doing is good for the company and also great fun.”

 Flashback Media has been producing award winning media for broadcast, government, business and the community and high end websites since 1987. For more information, visit our website at www.flashbackmedia.tv or call Bunnie Strassner at 303-545-9955.