Norm Strassner

THE Norm Strassner is a legend in Hollywood for his body of work in TV.

During the eighties' Norm directed and edited major network television programs like Entertainment Tonight and Real People. By 1990 there was need for unique, industry-specific, editing systems and Norm is one of the great innovators of his peers. He perfected his editing system and the Strassner Editing Systems remain the last of the large broadcast linear editors.

Today Norm brings his years of experience together as COO of Flashback Media Productions. Every bit a leader, listener & educator, Norm has focused his energies on the operational side of our unique business. Attention to detail and the pursuit of visual excellence are always first.

We'd like to call Norm the "rock," but really, Norm is the glue that keeps all of our pieces together.

See Norm's IMDB (Internet Movie Database) record by clicking HERE.

Norm also has his own website, Strassner Web & Video,