Flashback Up in the Air with SpecInc

Lafayette, CO – April 2011 – Flashback Media Productions, a premier provider of award winning video since 1987, has produced a promotional video for SPEC, Inc. of Boulder.   SPEC creates and manufactures high end cloud particle and precipitation equipment for use around the world.   The company also operates a Learjet research aircraft and has participated in over 50 international research projects. 


Flashback Media Productions’ campaign against bad web videos

Boulder, Colorado, Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Sometimes you wear jeans and sometimes you put on a suit. Typically, you know when to choose one over the other. There are times that require you to look your best and times that you just need to look a bit hip and funky. 
So it goes with video on the Internet in general, and video on your website, in particular. Your return on investment and your income is going to be impacted one way or another by how you present yourselves and your companies to your clients.